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5950 Heliotrope Circle, MAYWOOD, CALIFORNIA 90270
Please Donate Generously For of Azadari Imam Hussain (Ya Ali) and Babulilm Islamic center to serve Allah and Muhammad Wa Alay Muhammad (Ya Ali)

Program Every Shab-e-Juma

Every Thursday, after namaz e maghribain, Maulana Syed Fazil Hussain Mosavi offers us Dars o Tadrees and spread the teachings of Ahlulbait A.S. using references from QURAN, Hadees, and other Historical events. You are asked only to take out 1 hour from your schedules and attend these extremely informative and enlightening Programs. Only 1 hour out of approximately 168 hours in a week means taking out only 4 hours in a month. Only 4 hours out of approximately 672 hours in a month is not much compared to your gain. We all are guilty of spending thousands of dollars and much more of our time than just an hour in a week to have a better life style, which is no benefit to us whatsoever in the hereafter. So please take out an hour of your week to make not only our Akherat better but also to become a better person in this world. Ask questions and seek knowledge which is so readily available to you unlike so many others in the world. Spread that knowledge and help others especially your children to give them a better future not only in this life but in the hereafter. May Allah bless us and give us the Shifa’at of Muhammad Wa’aalay Muhammad A.S. without any guilt of not fulfilling our duty.