Power Of Giving

When charity (alms) is delivered out of the hand of its owner, it (the thing being given) says five things: At first I was perishing and you gave me life; I was insignificant and you made me great; I was an enemy and you turned me into a friend you used to protect me then but now I will protect you up to the day of resurrection.

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

Al-Hussein (a.s.) in the eyes of non-Muslims
Probably, the utmost form of self-sacrifice for the sake of Allah is in the case of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.). The event of Karbala itself marks a landmark in Islam, as it shaped the history of the Islamic nation.

The role of the mind in knowing Allah

With regards to the mind’s ability to reach the level of appreciating the greatness of Allah, the Most Exalted, we believe that Allah granted the mind enough freedom to open up to all the horizons it can reach in the universe, in life, in man and in one’s self.


No To Violence

Allah says in His Glorious Book: “Nor can goodness and evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and you was hatred become as it were your friend and intimate” (41:34). The Prophet (pbuh.) also said: “Leniency and kindness are never added to anything without adorning it, and never removed from something without tarnishing it... Allah is kind and lenient. He loves kindness and awards it with what He does not award violence”...

More about us..

The center comprises of two main halls (ladies and gents) and numerous smaller class-rooms.  A substantial Islamic library is also housed in the center and is open for momineen to use.  The main hall also houses a Shabee-e-zari Imam Hussain (a.s) which is regularly visited by momineen of Los Angeles and sarrounding area. Ziarat is open every Thursday after maghrib.

The center was established to commemorate all significant events in the Fiq-e-Jafaria and continues to do so by having special programs in addition to the regular weekly programs. 



Bab-Ul-Ilm Islamic Center